Vegan Cycling Team - Tour für Tiere

31.07.2017 - 05.08.2017

1200 KM 6 DAYS

TOUR für TIERE will start on Monday, 31th of July, 2017, crossing all of Germany within 6 days. Each stage will have a distance between 170 and 240 km and will lead to one of 6 chosen sanctuaries, each receiving the donations that have been collected.


Worldwide, 60 billion livestock on industrial farms are slaughtered each year for meat production. Living under shameful and poor conditions, these animals only live out a small portion of their lives. 

The few sanctuaries that exist are run through tireless efforts of their owners and depend on donations and animal sponsorship to keep them open. Their mission is to be safe havens for animals, giving them a secure place to live out the rest of their lives. Many ill, disabled and rescued animals find refuge here.

Apart from saving individuals, sanctuaries have become a symbol of peaceful coexistence between man and animal. Here we are able to observe the natural behavioral patterns and personalities of animals, something that has become less observable due to our own estrangement from nature and due to the absence of natural living space that animals once were raised on.

"An animal rescue does not change the world, but the world is changing for this one animal."

01.04. Veganes Frühlingsfest, Essen
29.04. Parkfest, Dortmund
07.05. Frühlingserwachen, Land der Tiere
04.06. Vegan Street Day, Stuttgart
11.06. Veganes Sommerfest, Bremen
18.06. Veganes Sommerfest "LeVegan", Leverkusen
15.-16.07. Vegan Summer Eckernförde
...what we did last summer


On this site you will soon be able to donate or take on an animal sponsorship. We promise that 100% of all the money raised for this event will go to the sanctuaries. All other costs will be at our expense. 

 A list of donors will be published and updated here.

Spendenerlöse Veganes Frühlingsfest Essen Einnahme aus Veranstaltung 80 EUR
Lou Schubert Patenschaft für Turkeys Mathila & Tante Lisbeth 60 EUR
Anke Khoo Chicken Food 13 EUR
Max & Fine Spende 30 EUR
Anneliese Blekker Spende 100 EUR
Yvonne Thomsen Patenschaft für Sheep Max 120 EUR
hanse.bav Spende 250 EUR
Thomke B. Spende 10 EUR
Brigitte Doetz Patenschaft für Turtle Oma Trampeltreu 100 EUR
Henning Kaiser Spende 25 EUR
Peter Gomolla Spende 50 EUR
Kathrin Winkler Spende 50 EUR
Sonja Sautter Patenschaft für Pig Anni 60 EUR
Sonja Sautter One apple tree 35 EUR
Udo Geisler Spende 20 EUR
Spendenerlöse Parkfest Dortmund Einnahme aus Veranstaltung 65 EUR
Silvia Korbel Spende 35 EUR
Gabi und Thomas Lüdecke Spende 10 EUR
Karen Krömeke Spende 10 EUR
Sven Hartig Spende 10 EUR
Sonja Wagner Spende 10 EUR
Spendenerlöse Frühlingserwachen im Land der Tiere Einnahme aus Veranstaltung 460 EUR
Karina Hannula Patenschaft für Sheep Erna 60 EUR
Petra Sklanny One apple tree 35 EUR
Mützingenta Einnahme aus Veranstaltung 100 EUR
Vegan Street Day Stuttgart Einnahme aus Veranstaltung 1000 EUR
Johann Heuser Patenschaft für Dog Cora 60 EUR
Spendenerlöse Veganes Sommerfest Bremen Einnahme aus Veranstaltung 785 EUR
Fabian Rook Patenschaft für Monkey Mira 60 EUR
Rosemarie Patenschaft für Pig Anni 100 EUR
Rosemarie Patenschaft für Dog Cora 100 EUR
Annerose Schmiedt Spende 40 EUR
Cilly Zillmann Patenschaft für Pig Viktoria 60 EUR
Kay Mundt Patenschaft für Turtle Oma Trampeltreu 60 EUR
Leila & Coco Patenschaft für Turkeys Mathila & Tante Lisbeth 78 EUR
Denise Mursa und Ralf Ködding Spende 100 EUR
Brigitte Doetz Patenschaft für Pig Viktoria 200 EUR
Alberto Pelaez Veggie Dog 60 EUR
Veganes Sommerfest Leverkusen Einnahme aus Veranstaltung 100 EUR
Elisa Brunke / Cosmopolitan Spende 330 EUR
Cornelia Müller-Eberwein Spende 75 EUR
Luthando Kesha & Family Spende 150 EUR
Stefanie Körnig Spende 60 EUR
Vegan Summer 2017 Einnahme aus Veranstaltung 970 EUR
Charis Nass Spende 20 EUR
Natalie Macht Spende 100 EUR
Peter Thomsen Spende 100 EUR
Marion Thomsen Spende 100 EUR
Alberto Pelaez Serrano Spende 120 EUR
Fran Godoy Spende 150 EUR
Peter Link Spende 25 EUR
Tim Scheurer Patenschaft für Cat Zwiebel 100 EUR
Flavia Baridón Chicken Food 13 EUR
Axel Seemann-Kahne Spende 666 EUR
Anja Kownatzki Patenschaft für Pig Anni 120 EUR
Reimund Bredehöft Spende 50 EUR
Sophia Kostudis Spende 50 EUR
Jochen Zips Spende 10 EUR
Katrin Perscha Spende 25 EUR
Sebastian Barteleit Spende 100 EUR
Verena Matuschek Spende 25 EUR
Franziska Gänger Spende 50 EUR
Claudia Langmeyer Spende 20 EUR
Alejandra Garcia Serrano Spende 50 EUR
Sommerfest Land der Tiere Einnahme aus Veranstaltung 720 EUR
Noel Joos Spende 290 EUR
Eva Schulz Spende 50 EUR
Deeken Markus Spende 20 EUR
Manfred Tennhoff Spende 20 EUR
Armin Biermann Spende 20 EUR
Daniel Rausch Spende 50 EUR
Tom Ott Spende 25 EUR
Stefan und Omid Spende 230 EUR
Pflanzenmetzger Spende 20 EUR
Marc Pierschel Spende 85 EUR
Volker Wobbe Spende 25 EUR
Sonja Krause Spende 20 EUR
Susanne Kuhn Spende 40 EUR
Sonja und Sven Spende 300 EUR
Eve Sebode Spende 245 EUR
Keno + Jakob Graw Patenschaft für Mini Pig Witiko 60 EUR
VSD Dortmund Einnahme aus Veranstaltung 850 EUR
PflegePlus Spende 200 EUR
Ruben Schuischel Spende 150 EUR
Felix Schindelmann Spende 50 EUR
Yvonne Thomsen & Jochen Eckert Spende 450 EUR
Tanja Seemann-Kahne Spende 25 EUR


From the south to the north: The first stage of the tour will start at a campsite on Lake Chiemsee where we will meet the weekend before the beginning of the tour, and will end east of Hamburg at „Land der Tiere“. The day after we arrive, on August 6th, a summer festival along with the Tour Finale will take place at this sanctuary. The route is perfect for racing bikes.


If you are passionate cyclists: JOIN US!  for just one stage or for the whole tour. Come to one of the sanctuaries - the evening before or in the morning. We´ll start at 9 am every day. Contact us, if you need to be picked up from the station. Please register in order to make it easier for us to organize transport, food and accommodation.

Alberto Peláez Serrano
Fran Godoy
Axel Seemann-Kahne
Jochen Eckert
Marc Pierschel
Luthando Kesha
Marco Mehring
Daniel Rausch
Jürgen Zimprich
Richard Groh
Tom Ott
Fabian Ramm
Paolo Barbon
Fabian Rook
Noel Joos
Raphael Heilmann
Manfred Tennhoff
Ruben Schuischel
Elizabeth Gil Stinga
Samuel Lasso Rodríguez
Eva Schultz
Veronika Michelfelder
Stefan Malo
Nina Straile
Omid Keyvanpour
Tanja Spak - Menke
Tom Hohenwarter
Rouven Zietz
Frank Dehlke
Markus Deeken

Cycle with us

Everyone is welcome to join the tour. Even though you are not (yet) vegan, you can find out the benefits of our plant based catering. 

Due to the stage lengths your racing bike is required and we wish to point out, that you need to be well prepared and fit.

If necessary, we will split the group according to the speed. Of course it´s possible to take a day off or finish a stage earlier and drive on the support van.



Your costs for the entire 6 days tour are 90€, or rather 15€ for each stage. This includes catering and support van transfer. Camping on the sanctuary sites as well as the use of restrooms and showers to some extent will be free of charge.

In addition to that, we would like to ask you to donate for the sanctuaries according to your abilities. Donations will be transferred by 100%.

Spending the nights on campsites, in hotels or guest houses instead, will cause additional costs. You are free to arrange that on your own.



We will have a breakfast together in the morning and at lunchtime a rest for a little snack. In the evening we will build up our own outdoor kitchen and cook together. 

Be prepared to help with kitchen service and dish washing. Apart from that please carry enough bars and gels with you on the tour.


Our baggage will be carried on support vans. We would appreciate, if you met us at your individual starting point with your bike and backpack. However, if you need to be picked up at the nearest station, please contact us and we´ll try to arrange that.

We will stop half way of each stage to have a snack or to change clothes, if necessary. Of course we will provide tools, spare tubes, floor pumps and experienced team mechanics.



Rather than a wellness holiday, expect an outdoor adventure, which will certainly remain in your memory for a long time. We will camp on the sanctuary sites. A few beds might luckily be available, or we´ll be offered to stay the night in a barn.

Please bring iso-mats and sleeping bags. We will provide small and large tents. Possibly we may use restrooms and showers. If not, we will use a garden hose as an outdoor shower or take a dip in a nearby river or lake. 

We will also take care of sufficient sockets to charge electrical appliances. In the evening we´ll be sitting comfortably around the campfire.



The exact meeting point at Lake Chiemsee including helpful travel information will be available here soon.

1. Etappe: Chiemsee - Erdlingshof

Die erste Etappe ist wohl die leichteste - wir rollen langsam ein. Erst gegen Ende beginnt ein 500m-Anstieg nach St. Englmar.

Pause bei km 110 am Vistalsee.

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2. Etappe: Erdlingshof - Gnadenhof Fränkische Schweiz

201 km mit 2450 Höhenmetern in grandioser Landschaft. Pause bei km 107 auf einer schönen Anhöhe nach Götzendorf.

Wegen zu viel Pferdemist ist die Koppel an unserem Zielort derzeit nicht fürs Campen geeignet, deshalb fahren wir - nach dem wir vor Ort lecker bekocht worden sind - noch einmal 20 km weiter auf den Campingplatz Pfaffenstein!

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3. Etappe: Gnadenhöf Fränkische Schweiz (Campingplatz Pfaffenstein) - Stoppels offener Lebenshof

Schöne Strecke durch die Rhön - insgesamt 212 km mit 2580 hm. Pause bei km 107 am Ellertshäuser See. Danach müssen wir nochmal 500 Meter nach oben klettern.

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4. Etappe: Stoppels offener Lebenshof - Lebenshof für Tiere

Die schwerste Etappe? - 231 km mit 3060 hm. Pause auf dem höchsten Punkt der Strecke auf dem "Kahler Asten" nach 137 km nachdem wir den Anstieg auf 841 m geschafft haben.

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5. Etappe: Lebenshof für Tiere - Hagelhof

Nach den schweren Etappen 3 und 4 vergleichsweise etwas einfacher. Nach 75km kommen wir in Münster bei Roots of Compassion an, dort werden wir lecker bekocht und fahren gegen 13 Uhr weiter. Die nächsten Kilometer werden wir dann von einigen Radfahrern und Radfahrerinnen aus Münster begleitet.

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6. Etappe: Hagel Hof - Land der Tiere

Mit 287 km die längste Etappe. Aber dafür sehr flach und normalerweise bläst uns der Westwind da ganz locker ins Ziel... 

Pausen nach km 114 an der Weser und bei km 213 bei unserem Sponsor "Der Dinkelmeister", der uns ein kurzes Catering vorbereitet. Dort werden auch noch einige Leute aus Hamburg für den "Schluss-Sprint" dazukommen.

Danach gibts noch in Bleckede eine Fährüberfahrt über die Elbe.

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Jochen Eckert

Jochen is a two-times Ironman finisher and a passionate race cyclist. Last year he crossed all of Spain nonstop from north to south, joining Alberto and Fran in the challenge Transiberica por los Animales. He is Roots of Compassion Vegan Cycling Team member, cycling in many races all over Germany.

Alberto Pelaez Serrano

Alberto is a very successful ultradistance runner and has won in more than 10 ultra races up to now. In 2015 he cycled nonstop across the Pyrenees and last year he crossed all of Spain nonstop from Tarifa to Suances together with Jochen and Fran within 52 hours.



Fran Godoy

Fran is just as Alberto a successful ultradistance runner and vegan cyclist. He works as a policeman in the animal protection department in Arrecife/Lanzarote.

Ben Urbanke

Ben is an ultradistance cyclist and has already finished in several nonstop races of more than 1000km. Last year he published the book "Be faster go vegan" and introduced the vegan Goodsport bars on the market.

Axel Seemann-Kahne

Axel came up with the idea of the Tour and is responsible for the website as well as print design. He is Roots of Compassion Vegan Cycling Team member and cycled in several races.

Marco Mehring

Marco cycled across the French Alps several times. He is the author of books about animal rights for children, young people and adults.

Marc Pierschel

Marc is filmmaker and author of books. Some years ago he set up the Roots of Compassion Vegan Cycling Team. His new film "The End of Meat" will be in german cinemas in september.

Luthando Kesha

Luthando is a passionate race cyclist and participated in several races for the Roots of Compassion Vegan Cycling Team.

Yvonne Thomsen

Yvonne competed for the Roots of Compassion Vegan Cycling Team in several races. She translated this website into english and will join the support team.

Sahar Khoi

Sahar is well experienced in assisting cycling events and will join the support team. She translated this website into spanish and her unique laughter will spread joy and happiness.